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Artistic experimentation offers new hardware solutions has published a blog highlighting the work of Sustainable Bridges’ resident Saar Drimer, showcasing his alternative approach to electronics, where the hardware design becomes something of an art.

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Where Innovators gather, Ideas spark.

What happens when you bring a group of innovators with a diverse set of expertise spanning various aspects of sustainability under one roof, or rather 4 railway arches? Judging by last week’s Venture Showcase held here at Sustainable Bridges, you get some fruitful exchanges at the forefront of multiple sectoral developments.     With presentations…

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Dan Watson from SafetyNet receives the Big Idea award from Chris Murray

Sustainable Bridges’ SafetyNet Reflect on their journey since winning the Observer Ethical Awards

  In 2012 SafetyNet won the Observer Ethical Award for Best Big Idea.  In an article in the Guardian last week, founder Dan Watson reflected on SafetyNet’s journey since winning the Award. In addition to reflecting on their own experiences, Dan also shared some advice for other aspiring sustainability entrepreneurs… Tell a compelling story, and try not…

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