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Interview with Dan White, Co-founder of The Behaviourist

Founded in April 2014,The Behaviourist is a relatively new start-up. Described by the co-founder Dan White as “a scientifically founded company that changes individual behaviour”, the Sustainable Bridges based venture works with organisations to highlight the potential economic, social and environmental benefits that can be achieved when taking behavioural science into account. Sustainable Bridges took…

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E-Car Club’s successful exit from Crowdcube

E-Car Club’s successful exit from Crowdcube The Sustainable Bridges based venture, is the world’s first successful crowdfunding exit, with the Europcar Group, a major car rental and mobility company, announcing the acquisition of a majority stake in E-Car Club. E-Car Club is the UK’s first entirely electric pay-per-use car club. Intended to provide community members…

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Canary Control’s participation in Cognicity Challenge

Canary Control’s participation in Cognicity Challenge The Cognicity Challenge is a project set up by the Canary Wharf Group, which aims to recognise and accelerate the development of smart city solutions. As such, it hopes to achieve solutions, which can be easily integrated into existing buildings, as well as taking into account future needs. Ultimately,…

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Is the UK domestic market ready for energy storage?

  Is the UK domestic market ready for energy storage? Sustainable Bridges’ based venture Powervault was recently featured in The Guardian’s ‘Innovator’ series, with Managing Director Joe Warren highlighting the immense scope that energy storage has for the domestic energy market. As such, we decided to explore this in more detail, and have identified the…

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Will the low carbon economy prosper under the new government?

Will the low carbon economy prosper under the new government? Currently, 11,500 firms are a part of the UK’s low carbon economy, with the sector securing the employment of 460,000 people in the UK. However, will the introduction of the new Conservative Government work to further expand this sector or will the Conservatives withdraw support for future development in…

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Making fashion sustainable: an interview with Vivien Tang, Co-founder of Clotho London.

Clotho London is the work of Imperial Graduates Caroline Wood and Vivien Tang. Founded 6 months ago, Clotho has already achieved extensive success, receiving the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur Award, as well as hosting exciting events such as the Clotho fashion Hack-a-thon. Sustainable Bridges interviewed Vivien Tang, to identify how Clotho has developed since…

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Sustainable Ventures’ Agnes Czako awarded 2015 ‘Green Deal & Eco Assessor of the Year’ award.

On the 19th of June The Green Deal & Eco Awards, announced their national winners, where Agnes was up against 14 other nominees, and received the award in recognition of her time at the forefront of Sustainable Home Surveys (SHS).   SHS works with local community groups to identify and accelerate home improvements, centered on…

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