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Behavioural Scientists Successful for Haringey Council

The Behaviouralist has been working in partnership with Haringey Council, using their specialist behavioural science techniques as part of an experiment to boost Haringey’s council tax collection and reduce payment arrears. The project started in early 2016, with Dan White leading a team of 13 through an experiment lasting 72 days and impacting over 13,000…

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The Behaviouralists Meet VAA

Founded in 2014, Dan White & The Behaviouralist team have done some terrific work since then, working with big household names implementing behaviour change through intervention. Recently Dan and the team recently continued their marvellous work by successfully teaming up with Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic to influence pilots to use less fuel through behavioural interventions. These interventions were…

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Interview with Dan White, Co-founder of The Behaviourist

Founded in April 2014,The Behaviourist is a relatively new start-up. Described by the co-founder Dan White as “a scientifically founded company that changes individual behaviour”, the Sustainable Bridges based venture works with organisations to highlight the potential economic, social and environmental benefits that can be achieved when taking behavioural science into account. Sustainable Bridges took…

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